A Beautiful Life

Emmanuel Turlay

Paper-white skin, warm beer and a fag,
Packed along the edge of the pond.
Trying to forget winter left with a lag,
Darkened what was left of our blond.

And I can't understand what we did to deserve,
Such a dire weather.
And I won't sit around singing sad songs all day,
When it's such a fine weather.

Cause it's a beautiful day,
Suspended to what is left of our faith.
Drain your pain and cast it away.

Chocolate ice-creams, crying kids and a duck,
Making up a sorry scene.
Subtle poetry, light mood and a fuck,
Is how I can get rid of my spleen.

And I can't undersand what I did to deserve,
Such a dire winter.
Now the songs in my head keep looping around,
In the hope that it gets better.

Cause it's a beautiful life,
Suspended to our hopes and lies.
Drain your pain and cast it away. 

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