Association surprising of divas

Georgia Margoni

Second participation in the competition We love New Twingo. Write the change. Milan and her diva. Anna Maria is going to sing to the Scala . She needs a fashion accessory.

1. - The Trojans of Hector Berlioz!!!!! I had it. It belongs to you, I tore away it for you.
- I have the role?
- Yes, primadonna!
- Incredible!

Anna Maria regains self-control while being sinked into the black leather sofa which emitted a noise of satisfaction by receiving the attractive gluteus of the star.

- Yes, at the same time, I am well worth it. I am deserving heiress of The Callas. This role belongs to me. I would have killed for the role.

Anna smiles of a strange air. Suddenly, a deep concern pointed in her look encircled by black kohl.

- I need an at the same time divine and trendy accessory to appear.
- I contact straightaway the jeweler.
- Imbecile. I want New Twingo !

2. Paolo goes out of the garage owner. He sighs. Twingo for the first one in the Scala! I'm dreaming ! But she paid, she paid royally. Nevertheless, did not have need to ruin itself. The novelty did not still cost an arm and a leg. Anna would be furious of learning that others Italian could offer themselves one. Paolo chooses to keep the difference and to lie to her.

3. - Red, blue, yellow, green, purple?
- My dress will be red. Then, color purple.
- I call Giacomo. You will have it this evening as expected.
Adapt her car to her dress. Anna had known how to choose Renault. The technique in the service of the art. There was only them to reach there.

4. The Scala of Milan. She required all the sacrifices, all the precautions. Anna chooses to appear to the Scala only to sing . She wanted to work her arrival in her New slightly acid Twingo. For the moment, she warmed the voice in the small musical room at her home.

5. The crowd. The excitement. Italian stream in the theater.

6. In front of the Scala, the journalists wait for the star. They were prevented that the diva would wear a unique, elegant and simple accessory at the same time. Anna arrives, sublime in her dress, a perfect exit of Twingo, legs on the side. Oh and ah journalistics rain down. Red of dress and purple of car get involved to throw the fashion.

8. Anna is applauded. She is the star. She is the jewel of Italy. She radiates of happiness. She leaves her changing room, goes out by the back door. She has a thing to do. She rushes into her Twingo. In the spacious and clean car trunk , a feminine body. That is of Luisa. The young opera singer had been anticipated to playing Cassandre. Get rid of the body before leaving on roads, singing. Her New Twingo would not abandon her.


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