We’re in a car, where a man and a woman in their twenties are seated. The eight pictures will make up a series of close-ups; showing the inside of the car and ultimately the outside.
       1- Her hands clutch the wheel. We see the dashboard, her nails red with nail polish match the red casings. She looks straight in front of her, into the London fog, a strained expression on her face. It's night-time.

       2-The shot gets wider as we go along. We see them from the front, still inside the car. They stare at each other; we can see both front and back seats.

       3-We see from her point of view, she watches him. He gestures towards the back seat suggestively.

      4-We're behind them, they kiss widely.

      5-Someone knocks on the window, they stop, startled by the noise. We make out a figure through the window.

      6-She opens the window, it's a policeman, and he's frowning disapprovingly.

      7-We're finally outside. We're on Great George Street, where the car has been parked on the sidewalk next to a phone booth. Big Ben is in the background, on the right. The fog was so thick that they've parked it without even noticing where they were. The car's colour matches the red phone booth.

      8-The shot goes back to them: we can see them from the outside of the car in a medium shot, with the policeman bending down to the window. They Laugh.

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