Make an Entrance

Holly Knowles

The Pitch

The following picture story is set in Paris. A woman is stuck in a traffic jam, running late for the Diner en Blanc event at Trocadero square. She borrows a Renault Twingo from a showroom to get past the traffic and get to the event in time, where her and her car are the stars of the party. The adventure they go on shows the cars playful side, its agility and maneuverability for getting through many obstacles and its pop colour looks bright in contrast to the white clothing of the guests.

1 Traffic Jam

A row of dull coloured cars are stuck in a traffic jam. There is smoke in the air from all the exhausts. The drivers look fed up. In the car central to the frame you can see a young woman, ‘Claire'. She is wearing a sophisticated white dress. She looks fed up with waiting. The atmosphere is dull and oppressive. 

2 Spotting the showroom

Picture two reveals next to the road is a Renault showroom with a line of Twingo cars inside. Each car is in a different pop colour which is a bright contrast to the dull coloured cars outside. There is a large lit up sign above the showroom saying ‘New Renault Twingo,' Claire is still in her car but she is now looking at the Twingo showroom.

3 Taking the Twingo 

The row of Twingos is seen close up, but one is not in the row anymore, it is being driven out of the showroom by Claire. There is a man in the showroom running after the car but he is not fast enough to stop her. Claire has the drivers window open and her arm is out of it, throwing out her old car keys.

4 Through the Streets

A close up of the Twingo driving down a narrow shop and cafe filled street. It is narrow but the Twingo has fitted through with ease. Claire is sitting in the drivers seat and is laughing with happiness at the thrill of the situation and enjoying driving the Twingo.

5 Past the Seine

The Twingo is now driving along the Seine. On the pavement outside a restaurant there are couples dancing. The Twingo is weaving through the couples. They are in hold, but are not looking at each other, they are looking at the car which has just swerved around them.

6 Trocadero Square

This is an aerial picture of Trocadero square. There are many people all dressed in white, smart clothing. They are mostly seated at rows of tables laid with opulent looking food and drink. The Twingo is driving between the rows, looking bright and vibrant against the white clothes.

7 The Car arrives

Claire is standing next to the car which is parked underneath the Eiffel Tower. The guests in the foreground of the picture, they are standing and looking at her and the car. Claire looks embarrassed at causing a scene at a prestigious and large event.

8 The Party!

This picture shows the Twingo parked under the Eiffel Tower with Claire standing next to it as in the previous picture. The party has started again. People are running up to take a closer look at the Twingo, impressed with the car. Claire is smiling, she is being handed a glass of wine by one of the other guests.

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