Jeff Legrand (Djeff)

A participation to the Twingo Contest. I don't write english very well but i'm trying !

Tom and Kate live in a suburban district in London with their son David, aged of four years old. They meet some concerns about David who has a feeling of desolation every time they leave him. But they do not become discouraged and are looking for the solution to help him to live better these moments.


Ensemble plan in front of the house. A black Twingo is going away. Kate retains David by the shoulders. David shouts and cries by tightening arms towards the Twingo.

K: Keep cool Honey, dad get home this evening...


Wide plan on a car park of supermarket. The father holds the child in the arms while he struggles to catch the Twingo which is starting.

T: Come on, be quiet David. Mom is going to park the car, she returns quickly.


Wide plan on the grandparents' house. David was dragged by his grandparents towards the front door while the Twingo of his parents is going away.

GP: David calm down please! They come back this evening...

GM: Grandma will make cookies for you. You like them, don't you !


Wide plan on the Picadilly square. Both parents and David are in the street. They hold him while they look each other with surprise. David struggles. He has his arms tightened towards a white Twingo parked next to them.

T: Wh... What is he doing?

K: I really don't know. Tom, we need to be helped!


Wide plan inside a cosy office. Both parents are sitting in front of a psychologist for children. David looks through the window by scratching.

Doc : Was there any change in your life since the crises began ?

T: No, I do not see...

Doc : I have got a feeling you must to dig deeper in this way. David is possessive. You have to find why. He seems that something lacks him.


Wide plan of a yard in front of a workshop (typify cabinetmaking). Tom talks with an artisan, they look at the Twingo parked in this tiny yard.

Artisan: It is feasible, we can do it. Could you leave it to us some hours?

T: Of course, thank you very much!


Ensemble plan in front of the grandparents. They run after David who takes off in a pedal Twingo with the same colours than that of his father. The Twingo of the parents is going away in the street.

GP : Stop David ! Please!

GM : Oh my God, I am going to die...


Internal plan of the car. The parents discuss together. Kate seems sulky, Tom has a worried look on her.

K: It is a little bit frustrating...

T : Bah, we have to admit that he has taste good this young.

K : I did not speak about him... I am the last one not to have my Twingo...

New Twingo, Creating of Jealousies.

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