Mark Safranko - Interview


J'aime bien ce qu'écrit Mark.
Voilà une brève interview par "mots clés" que j'ai réalisée il y a quelques temps.
Je voulais vous faire partager ses pensées.

Life: Ferdinand Celine said somewhere, I can't remember where now, that when you look deeply at life all you see is mystery upon mystery upon mystery. There's a lot of truth in it. Our only course of action is to roll with the waves. Much easier said than done. Most of the time it's the waves rolling over us.

Money : Makes life a lot easier, no doubt. But I wouldn't know for sure, since I never had any.

Sex : A good one. A mad obsession when you're young. When you have kids you realize that it's the most powerful act of all because it creates life, and even the killers are ultimately impotent against it. But the older you get, the less it means.  That's probably a very good thing. And in the end, it means nothing, and all of the desperation to have it was a great waste of energy and you ask yourself what all that insanity was all about.

Love : Complicated. Probably something most of us aren't capable of. No doubt we love ourselves most of all. What was it Nietzsche said? « In the end there is only oneself. »

Emotion : Best not shown to the world. When they see where you're weak, they've got you.

Freedom : Illusory. Look closely, and you'll find that we move from one trap to another. That's it really, from one trap to another.

Literature : A great way to kill time. What would we do without it? The thought of losing it forever to the television and computer is frightening and depressing. But probably inevitable. As with all other losses, we will adapt.

Death : I always do battle with the crazy fact that man is the only creature afflicted with the knowledge of death. Why? A terrible scourge, and yet there's nothing we can do about it. We live under a perpetual death sentence. Does this have any meaning whatsoever? It strikes me as something that cannot be the product of evolution alone. Someone has played a very nasty trick on us. Death is the ultimate riddle because we are condemned to always think of what might lie in the great beyond. Maybe nothing. Probably nothing. But maybe something. Again, the conundrum. Again, in the end, we're sure of not

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