The four seasons of the new Renault Twingo


The new Renault Twingo is going through the four seasons in Paris. It is always driven by a different woman, from a different ethnic to show that the car seduce everybody. The driver is playing with its color by matching her outfit and make up and showing that it is agile and maneuverable is all the circumstances. On the radio, we can hear pop music that emphasizes the joy of owning this vehicule and also its safety of using it the streets of a capital like Paris. The different location where the Renault Twingo is passing by or stopping at show that it respects the environment too and brings love at the end.

1/ Close-up on a beautiful Asian woman behind the steering wheel. She is wearing a white chapka and a white outfit. In the rear window, we can see the Eiffel Tower.

2/Wide shot on the white Renault Twingo is going on the Pont des Arts. The snowflakes are falling down on a beautiful winter nightwith the full moon  and the manageable car is threading it's way between the snow.

3/ A North-African woman is wearing a flowery blouse with yellow pants. She is opening the door of the yellow Renault Twingo and is in the middle of the Hippodrome de Longchamps where there is a pop concert going on.

4/ The same driver is passing under l'Arc de Triompje and driving in Le Jardin des Tuileries where spring with booming with buds on the trees and flowering plants. Birds and butterflies are flying on her way.

5/A blue Renault Twingo is passing by Paris' Seine's quays showing its agility. Trees are really green, sky is blue and the sun is making the car shining.

6/ On the hood of the blue Renault Twingo is lying a sexy a Mediterranean woman in the same blue swim suit and the same blue nails as the color of the car. She is enjoying Paris Plage and everybody is watching her and envying her having the privilege to get tanned on her car.

7/ Wide shot on a red Renault Twingo passing on the Champs Elysées with trees getting their autumnal colour. Their leaves and the lights of day are transforming as long as the car is reaching back the end of the avenue.

8/ A Parisian girl is getting out of the red Renault Twingo with a beautiful red cocktail dress not too long. With the help of a handsome guy she is getting out of the car on the Trocadeo plaza. She has a nice make up with smoking eyes and her lips are the same color of the car. On the back, we can see the Eiffel Tower.

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