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Konbini is a pure-player media as well as an advertising agency that has been successful in creating contents and curating projects launched all over the globe. For over 5 years, their mission has been to spread original initiatives and positive ideas to our audience, providing them fresh and valuable things to discover every day.

In partnership with Konbini, we would like to invite you to imagine a “clash” between two pop culture personalities, for instance: Disclosure VS Major Lazer, Flume VS Paul Kalkrenner, Beyoncé VS Katy Perry, Basquiat VS Keith Haring.

Choose either the form of a dialog, an interview, a review or a song and have them clash over the any subject you’d like, relating to who they are, what they do, what distinguishes them.


  • Language chosen : English or French

  • Number of characters : 3000 maximum, spaces included

  • Subjects : the personalities chosen will have to be considered as “Pop,” though they don’t have to be living.

  • Several contributions are possible per participant


  • You have to subscribe to WeLoveWords to participate

  • Visit the contest page, click on the top right on "Enter Contest" and link your text to it


The entries of the three prizewinners will be published on Konbini. They will win tickets for the party or the concert of their choice.


  • 26th February : beginning of the contest

  • 30th March : End of the contest

  • Mid - April : Announcement of the results


  • Lucie Rico, Editorial Manager WeLoveWords

  • Harmony Ferreira, Konbini Partner

  • Louis Lepron, Editor-in-chief Konbini

Good luck everyone !

3 contributions

  • Superkid
    The discovery.
    Christophe Paris

    Today I won't write about any famous artist. No. This time I want to share a great discover I made accidentally. 11h A.M, I was drinking a disgusti...

    9 March · Review · Culture

    newspaper 1976 · community 3.9

  • Pc010188

    Even though books are a great way to travel, nothing can replace an experience of a lifetime : an actual journey to find Shangri-la.

    4 March · Article · Adventure

    newspaper 1360