« Part of me »


The dancer Marilyn seems to be a seducer. But deep inside, she's torn apart... For just a night at the Poetry Brothel, she tells to a fascinated audience how much her soul is dark... Fragile Voice

Everything is blurred

Because of the tears in my eyes

Because of the calls that nobody heard

Because the person I am dies

I just want to jump from the side-walk

And meet the rolls of a car

I just want to stop to talk

To doctors about my scar

The big scar of my soul

Not the ones on my skin

The one when I call

Somebody I've never seen

The hole in my heart

This one wich makes me dark

The pain in my art

When I sing that they don't hark

If I bleed today

Don't look at me in the eyes

The monster will make you run away

And I'm tired of goodbyes



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