So far, so good.

Jeff Legrand (Djeff)

A new try for the Twingo Challenge !

The action takes place in Paris. While he waits at the garage, Fabien is worried. He remembers happy times of his life. But what happens to him?

The Twingo is here as a member of the family, bringing joy, and sometimes, some concerns.


Fabien is in a Renault garage, under stress. He speaks with the garage owner wearing his work clothe. In the background we can see a white and mauve Twingo ( T1) which is being examined.

F: So Michel, can you do it fast?

Garage owner: the guys are above. I have got a feeling you are under pressure. Don't worry! I am sure that it's absolutely nothing.


In insert, Fabien is sitting in the waiting room of the garage. He is worried. We can see his memories. The big part of the image is a dream bubble in which we can see the day where he received his Twingo (model black sport). He caresses the car with tears of joy. His wife, who she offered him the Twingo, is waiting totally desperate for having a kiss.

Charlotte: happy birthday my love...

Charlotte: well.. of nothing...


Always with a marking remember. Charlotte, up on Twingo, makes the serenade to her husband who is in the window of an office block and looks at her, moved. She holds a sign where it is written " my love, you are going to be a dad! "


Always with a remember marking. We can see Fabien, dreaming. Charlotte sat on the front luggage compartment of the Twingo, parked on a quay of Paris. They are doing a picnic in front of the water. Fabien holds the hand of Charlotte. She is pregnant. The other hand of Fabien is put on the car.

F: I am very happy, with my two loves...

C: At the moment there are only two of us, you know.


Always with a remember marking. Charlotte is hysteric. She screams with joy and gives the baby to her husband. She look at the T1. It is surrounded by a ribbon where we can read " Congratulation mom! "


Return in the garage, in the part concession. Fabien is happy. He is in the middle of the Twingos in exhibition. He looks up at the garage owner who calls him.

GO:It is ready, it was not much. You did not need to be anxious!

F: Great, thank you Michel ! I pick up mine next week as agreed.


We can see the T1 taking out of the garage and inserting into the traffic of the avenue.

F thinks: fast fast fast...


The T1 is parked near a merry-go-round (montmartre or trocadéro) in a graduated parking space. Fabien is standing next to it. He speaks with Charlotte who holds their young child by the hand.

C: Everything was ok?

F: Of course, what a question! There was a big tail in the bakery, it is everything...

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