Jimi B. Watson

Paris. How the love between two New Twingos will allow the encounter of a man and a woman... (English Version)


The scene takes place in Paris, on the bank of the Seine. The story narrates the encounter between two New Twingos. Sadly, they are too quickly separated, so they will do everything to meet again. Then, their disappearance will allow a second meeting: the two anonymous drivers' one.

Note: We never see the face of the human protagonists (except at the very end), because the New Twingos are the "main characters".

Scene 1:

The sun is about to appear on the horizon, chasing the night away from the French capital, but the stars are remaining in the firmament. New Twingo, wearing a pearly white paint, is stationary at a red light. The image shows the front of the car. We see the man looking to his left with a distracted air. The view angle then expands, revealing a bright red New Twingo on the right, with a woman on board.

Scene 2:

The light turns green. One turns right while the other turns left, splitting the two New Twingos. We feel the two cars showing their sadness, through “expressions” with the rear lights and the license plate.

Scene 3:

The man negotiates a turn without difficulty, showing the agility of New Twingo. At this time, we see the hands of the driver turning the steering wheel with ease. Then, an external view at the level of the wheels is showing us that the vehicle looks very light but holds the road well. A bright ray of sunlight is shining through the image, reflected by the pristine white body paint, synonymous of purity and perfection.

Scene 4:

Passers-by and cars cross are reflected on the immaculate red body paint of the second New Twingo. The woman pulls niche in between two other cars without difficulty, showing the manoeuvrability of New Twingo.

Scene 5:

The man had also parked on the way to buy croissants and when he is about to reaching his car, to his amazement (he dropped his croissants), he notices that his New Twingo has disappeared. The woman, who had parked to buy a coffee, also discovers that, to his amazement (she dropped her coffee), her New Twingo has disappeared.

Scene 6:

We see the man and the woman walking the streets, desperately seeking their respective New Twingo. Actually, they are converging towards one another.

Scene 7:

Both New Twingos are discovered facing the Seine, one next to each other like two lovers, orange rays of dawn reflecting on their shimmering metallic dress.

Scene 8:

The man and the woman meet in spite of themselves next to their respective vehicle. We can eventually see their faces. He smiles. She is looking at him with puppy-dog eyes. The last image shows the front of both New Twingos. Both winked at the other.

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