A question of honor

Georgia Margoni

This is my third proposition for We love New Twingo . Four men want to do the perfect Hold-Up ! The New Twingo will be the fifth man.

1. Inside in the daytime. In a Parisian garage.

- I am sure of myself! Green!

- You are insane! It will never work.

- You can believe in me when I say that the color is not a problem. It is even all the opposite.

- Jack, it's sheer madness!

- Green!

- Black is better!

- She does not exist in black.

- Let us change car, then.

- No way! I want the fastest and the handiest. I want to be able to turn back, accelerate, brake abruptly, rise on the asphalt and disappear without cloud of dust. I want some discretion with the noise but some efficiency.

2. Square Vendôme. New Twingo green parks in front of the jeweler's store. Modern, the delicate finishes, élégantissime, nobody observes them in this place where only the class is significant. 

3. Four men get out of the car, dressed and put in Armani, gold Rollex in the wrist. Of beautiful loaded kids who can be thought of as fashion plates. They go to the jewelry, each carrying an briefcase in the left hand. They enter, the smile on the lips. New Twingo conveys at this precise moment the notions of class, elegance and boldness.

4. Without causing a shout, four fashion plates take out their artificial weapons and ransack what they can in gold, jewels and precious stones. Then, they take out again, the smile more brilliant than never, such an publicity Armani, the briefcases filled with glittering opportunities.

5. Four men rush into New Twingo and Jack starts everything in fluidity, pressing on discreet but hard-hitting brakes. Beautiful Twingo dressed in green is passive and starts without waiting. Jack raises the right hand, moves closer to a finger of the head and greets the jewelry.

6. The manager of the jewelry goes out by roaring: " to the thief, to the thief ".

7. Very quickly, the police arrives in a black and dusty car. She listens to the complaints of the furious man and gets off to a flying start, the sick shock absorbers and the howling siren. A commonplace official car.

8. The pursuit begins. Near a red light, a huge advertising insert declares: " New Twingo changes appearances. " Behind the wheels of the car, the policeman perceives Twingo far off and understands that the thieves are inside. He issues a radio appeal and all police cars converge on Pont of Alma to corner them. Suddenly, here she is, defy Twingo who coughs, aspen, shaken by what it is asked to her to make. Fly, cheat, be a miserable car. She stops abruptly and waits for her congeneric old women of police car. New Twingo is honest !

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